Alexa Configuration Steps


1.User must be logged in the app.
2.Connect bulbs to the app.
3.Make sure to rename devices before using the remote control.
4.Go to device settings  REMOTE CONTROL  Tap on CLAIM device (to register the device with user’s account)
5.Finally, enable remote control

Step 1

Open the Alexa App in the phone

Note: Make sure user login with the Amazon account of Indian region else the smart home skill will not be visible. Same is applicable for all Echo devices.

Step 2

Tap the MENU icon on the left-hand corner

Step 3

Tap on skills

Step 4

Search for Mansaa Smart Home skill

Step 5

Tap on Mansaa Smart Home skill

Step 6

Tap on Enable skill

Step 7

Enter the email id and password for the Mansaa account and press the Sign in

NOTE: Please use the same account with which the devices are linked to.

Step 8

Window will appear with Successfully Linked message and tap on (X) close window

Step 9

Pop up of discover devices will appear and tap on discover devices

Step 10

Discovering devices screen will appear

Note : This will take 20 seconds for discovering all the devices.

Step 11

Devices will appear in the device screen

Now user can tap on any device to control it individually or can create a group to control a set of devices.

If you have any issues in linking the Mansaa Smart Home skill then we are just a step away. You can reach out for support via our support portal and we'll be happy to assist or alternatively email us at [email protected]

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