M3 Wi-Fi LED Bulb       Overview     Specs

Inspired by Circadian Rhythm

Increase your productivity, mood and health. A Smart Bulb that helps you to kick start your day.

Redesign your personal space with all shades of yellow and white color

Control your lights from anywhere

Forgot your lights to turn off, don’t worry with remote control feature you can control your lights from anywhere in the world.

Going on a vacation, don’t worry you can still turn ON your home lights remotely and make everyone believe that you are at home.

Stay focused, Stay productive

Change the color and intensity as you wish, navigate the tunable white light from warm to cool until you feel comfortable. Adjust brightness as well as light appearance from soft white to daylight.

Switch between Natural, Cool and Warm light

Natural light helps maximize feelings of alertness when a person is first awake
Cool light which has shorter waivelength and suppresses melatonin production helps to be more productive during the day
Warm light helps you to relax. As the day winds down and the lighting changes to a warm glow, your body naturally begin to shift into a different mindset

Set routines to sleep and wake up on time

Automate your lights and set weekly schedule to sleep and wake up with your lights. Lights that helps you to automate your day.

Available in 2 holder styles (B22, E27)

3 wattage types (8 watt, 10 watt & 12 watt)

Make It A Alexa Night

Connect your Mansaa Wi-Fi Bulb with Amazon Alexa. You can control your smart light with voice commands.

Make Room For the Google Assistant

Connect your Mansaa Wi-Fi Bulb with Google Assistant. You can control your smart light with voice commands.