Warranty Request

To claim the warranty, please follow the link www.mansaa.io/support and open the new support ticket.

Steps to open the support ticket:

  1. Go to www.mansaa.io/support
  2. Click on “New Support Ticket”.
  3. In Requester text box – Enter your email ID.
  4. In Subject Box – Please explain in brief what’s the issue.
  5. In Description box – Please provide all the details regarding your MANSAA product below:
  • Product name for which you are requesting the warranty.
  • Copy of Invoice or bill of purchase.
  • Mode of Purchase – (Amazon, Flipkart, Mansaa Website etc. or Offline Purchase).
  • Explain the issue in detail.

Once you submit the form, our team will receive the warranty claim request and a unique ticket number will be assigned to your request. Our team will reply back on the ticket within 24 hours, explain the next steps and full fill the request.

Some issues are fixable for e.g. software issues by troubleshooting via phone call with our customer support team member or via email support but some issues like hardware might require us to bring the product back to us so that our hardware team can take a look and explain the issue. Depending on the nature of the issues it might take sometime to resolve completely but nevertheless we are always here to help our valuable customers so please bear with us.