Why Buy Mansaa?

With Mansaa SmartShine LED bulb, you can control your lights wirelessly from any smartphone and can get any colour from 16 million colours, change brightness levels and many more things that you could not do with your light before.

To make our cities smarter, we first need to make our homes a little smarter too, that means to enable all citizens to do things with your light bulbs that they could not do before. With Mansaa SmartShine & DualShine light bulbs, this is a small step in that very direction. And we are so excited to be part of this.

3 Year Warranty

We are so confident of what we have created that we feel proud to provide no questions asked warranty for 3 years, we will just replace it free of charge.

Plug & Play

Mansaa bulbs can be used in any bulb holder, no change at all is required in your house, its simple like that, just remove your old lights and add Mansaa bulbs.

LED’s are a technological marvel, these are called Solid State Lighting. Mansaa bulbs have been designed using the latest LED and driver technology. We have used materials from world class suppliers to ensure the longest life of Mansaa LED bulbs.

To give you an idea of how long Mansaa bulbs can light up, 2920 days when used for 10hrs each day. That’s at least 8 years. Used for 3 Hrs each day, then up to 25 years. On top of that, our LED’s are photo-Biological safe, it simply means that they are safe for eyes. We are proud of that too.


We strongly believe, that good design is not just how it looks but how it is used. Once you use Mansaa light bulbs, you will know that we not just made our products beautiful but they have useful features that are very simple to use.